Eating Secrets of Champions!

This book will enable you to undertake a life changing approach to eating for performance. Rather than a diet chart with striving boundaries, this book advises you the thoughts behind behavioural change to your eating habits and strategies of what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat. After all thousands of athletes have won medals at the highest levels following many of the tips in this book.

"This book has been an eye-opener for my Nutrition habits and how I need to eat right!"

"Players need to learn to eat with a plan. Ryan helps an athlete realise small tips that are easily implemented"

"Working with Ryan, we are designing foods to increase my focus, lower my heart rate and improve recovery. This book is the basics any shooter should start with"

"Ryan has designed one of the most inspirational Nutrition training programs for FIFA coaches world wide. This book is a must read for any footballer looking to make a mark"

"To go faster, Nutrition needs extreme focus. Ryan has helped many top swimmers realise this in counseling sessions. This book will be an inspiration to many parents to start when their kids are small"

Mithali Raj

Indian Captain Woman Cricket Team

Shikhar Dhawan

Indian Opening Batsman

Anjum Mougdil

The first athlete & Shooter to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics

Elvis Goes

Accredited FIFA coach

Nihar Ameen

Swimming Coach India

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Topics Covered

Awaken the giant in you

In the interest of improving the efficiency of athletes to raise competitive standards, the author breaks down Sports Nutrition into five areas that any parent, coach, administrator or athlete can use as a ready reckoner.

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The genesis of eating for performance

It is important to note that the nutrition for an athlete has to be 'bang-on', and one cannot expect to eat well for one part of the week and then slack off.

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Of nutrition, planning and winning

Ahead of the Commonwealth Games, here are seven food options as part of pre-competition nutrition guidelines for the athletes of the Indian contingent.

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Predicting the future and performance of an athlete

With sports and nutrition gene testing, the era of custom management of your fitness and diet has arrived. These tests will now become benchmarks in sports.

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You are what you eat

Eating what you want is considered the reward for hard training. Far from the truth, this is the time when the athlete needs to dig into his diet with the precision of an Olympic medalist.

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Answer the Quiz

Win a free Sports Nutrition Plan. Every month one person will win 100 Days Nutrition Plan with a nutritionist at Qua Nutrition.

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