Sports Nutrition

Ryan says “As one of the world’s leading sports nutritionist, I have set up an entire team of nutritionist build an exclusive platform for sports nutrition management. With 2 Olympic medals, 2 Guinness world records on human performance, we have data that showed that simple dietary changes and supplement strategies could help the human body excel beyond its perceived limits. My singular belief in the food, eating habits and any fuel that an athlete puts into the body it does under scientific logic will result in bettering the best performance”.

Sports nutrition is the science that makes foods go through the extra mile in your body. Eating the right food in the correct ratios of protein, carbs and fats enables better management of the calorie output during rigors of sports training and competing. Under Ryan’s leadership QUA Nutrition has more than 10,000 athletes from various sports designing their diet and nutritional supplement requirements. The sports nutrition program integrates the players assessments, varying blood chemistry, genetics testing, body readings in terms of muscle, fat, time and duration of training, type of training, competition calendars and host of variables that encompasses a huge matrix of data and behaviours. Aligning this and fuelling the athlete right is the job of a sports nutritionist.

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