Medical Nutrition

Ryan says “I have seen people get sick because they lack the right choices of food. However, food alone cannot be the reason. Lack of nutrition within food over decades has led to simple issues like magnesium being 40% lower in vegetables today as compared to the 1930’s. With advances in nutritional science, nutrition gene testing one can easily understand the links between lifestyle diseases and nutrition deficiencies or excess”.

Research has shown that many medical conditions arise from a trigger or deficiency of a molecule. Molecules can be artificially created or naturally available. For example, excess sugar (although sugar is natural) serves as a trigger to insulin resistance and hence diabetes. Or vitamin B 12 found almost only in non-vegetarian food is found depleted in vegetarian consumers leading to low energy, fatigue and a host of debilitating conditions as time passes.

What if you know what are your triggers (food allergy testing) and discover your nutrition deficiencies. You would become an astrologer and predict the destiny and future of your health. Either preventive or curative. Food can represent a healing agent as cancers and other diseases can be sorted via healthier eating and nutraceuticals supplements. Over years, we have created protocols for integration of food therapy with patients with lifestyle and clinical diagnosis.

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